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What is Extinguishing Foam?

Extinguishing Foam is a very strong Extinguisher of fire which covers the fire and prevent mixing of oxygen with fire and chain movement of fuel material.

In order to have high quality foam with specifications such as great stability and adhesiveness, the combination method of air, water and foam is quite essential.



This company has introduced new and unique methods, which is more efficient than any other methods which is previously in Iran. In this system foam is produced with improved quality and high Extinguishing power.


Specification 250 liter 500 liter 500 liter installed on truck 750 liter
Range 15 m 25 m 25 m 30 m
Hose Lenght 10 m 15 m 20 - 25 m 20 m
Weight 550 kg 850 kg 900 kg 1,200 kg

This system can be installed on trucks.

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