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1) Long Range

By utilizing the long-range shooting of the system, a good distance can be kept from the fire. 

2) No pumping

In this system, there is no need for water pump, and the required pressure is provided by compressed air cylinders.

3) Lesser erosion

The erosion in this system is less than all other systems and is limited to inlet and outlet valves which are durable.

4) Easy to use

Only with two movements the system becomes operational which leads to quick extinguishing of fire and less damage.

5) Easy and inexpensive charging

This system is easy to charge within a short time. No extra devices are needed and the charging is cost-efficient.

6) Easy to move

This system is light and portable and it wheels can be locked in steep surfaces to fix it in one place.

7) Manual and fixed application

This system can be used both manually and by connecting to a suitable sprinkler in gas stations and factories.



8) Production of three concentration of foam

This system can produce three concentrations of foam without any change in the amount of foam; dry foam which has high stability and adhesiveness, wet and very wet foams can be used quickly on burning petroleum liquids.